Community Development focuses on
the three key elements of
human development

Primary Healthcare

Quality and Affordable Healthcare is Fundamental Human and Citizenship Rights.


We help to improve access to sustainable medical support in identified communities. We rebuild and equip dilapidated and under-equipped Primary Health Centers (PHCs) in local, underserved and unreached communities, and build new standard PHCs and health clinics where there are none, using the national policy for “Minimum standards for Primary Healthcare in Nigeria” and the global best guidelines for the provision of quality primary healthcare.

Basic Education

Quality Basic Education is the bedrock of Sustainable Development and Civilization.)

Majority of the over 10 million out of school children are of poor families and of local, underserved and unreached communities in Nigeria. At this rate, by 2045, Nigeria will have more than 50 million out of school children, which will represent a globally disaster at that time.


Through initiatives such as “We Love Education”, “Education is all I Need”, “Education is my Power”, “Education Pays Best”, etc., we help to reinvigorate the interest of out of school children, to see education as the best alternative for their present and future, and retain in-school kids to continue and complete their basic education. We incorporate “Digital and Talent Based Education”, connecting the students to present day technological advancements in class, and prepare them better and equipped for their future.

Our strategies takes into cognizance the varying peculiarities of each child, their families, economic and social classes, in providing incentivized learning support that spurs and retain their motivation to get education, and lead the advocacy for a restructured policy for basic education, with relevant curriculum designs, and a multi-stakeholder policy execution strategy for sustainable impact.

Sustainable Livelihood

Empowering local families and communities using local resources and economic potentials

We help facilitate the process that drive the sustainable growth of local means of livelihood, by creating channels through which underserved can access the strategic resources and support they need to improve their livelihoods, get improved access to market support and financing, as well as helping create access to strategic networks for sustainability and for access to wider opportunities for economic prosperity.

Need Based Projects

“Switch It ON!”

Is a rural electrification intervention that is designed to connect off-grid communities to electricity supply through sustainable renewable energy sources or to an existing grid to power local communities, schools, health centers, and ventures. This program is majorly targeted at island communities with decades of darkness. It is completely a partner led initiative and in consonance with the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) policy framework to provide electricity supply to rural communities.


Water4Life aims to improve access to clean drinking water in local, underserved and unreached communities, through new and existing technological resource for sustainable water supply/recycling.

“Project Earth”

Project Earth is an environmental advocacy initiative that is targeted at promoting healthy approaches to solid waste management in local, underserved and unreached communities in Nigeria through innovative recycling concepts.