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channel human and infrastructure development support to grassroots communities in Nigeria

Our Communities need your support

Every day, we respond to distress call from underserved and unreached communities where families and citizens who live below the poverty threshold of $1/day have challenges with accessing quality Primary Healthcare, Basic Education, clean drinking water, support for sustainable livelihood, etc., and each day, they struggle to make it through another day beyond our most informed imagination.

With your gift today, we can:

Community Development

  • Stock clinics with medical supplies and testing kits for diseases like malaria, and build new clinics where there are critical needs.
  • Deliver access to quality basic education for children of families living by the poverty line.
  • Provide access to clean drinking water for 10 families per day.
  • Empower local families, artisans, farmers, etc., with the required skill and resource to grow their business and have enough to feed their families, afford medical support and send their children to school.
  • And, invest in long-term solutions to support families and communities.


  • Reach the most remote, local, underserved and unreached community in Nigeria with message of hope and community development.
  • Engage the government on a new policy for Primary Healthcare, Basic Education and Livelihood in local, underserved and unreached communities in Nigeria.
  • Promote good governance, peace and national unity through our ”Citizenship Advocacy”.

Please don’t wait any longer – donate right now. Your gift will immediately help the most vulnerable people around in Nigeria.

Please donate using the following account details: The Mindset Transformation and Aid Organization: 0249668561; Guarantee Trust Bank.

Kindly indicate purpose or project for which your donation is designated.

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