Because only together can we

channel human and infrastructure development support to grassroots communities in Nigeria

At TheMTAO Inc., we believe the key to sustainable development on a community, national and global scale is the universal adoption of “Citizenship” orientations and “Stewardship”, which births the consciousness that ensures democratic inclusive development, promote peace, protect human rights, and the rule of law.

We channel suitable and sustainable development support to local, underserved and unreached communities in Nigeria. Our target communities have existed for between 35-100 years without any form of social support or intervention for basic medical care, basic education, clean drinking water, etc.




Our advocacy efforts are targeted at promoting active and responsible citizenship and good governance, community activism and democracy. We engage the critical mass of Citizenry in entrenching the values of Citizenship,peace and national unity

  • Action against Marginalization.
  • Citizenship Re-orientation.
  • Policy
  • Good Governance.


We work with government(s) on key legislation to guide the design and delivery of sustainable solutions to related concerns of target communities and the society at large.

  • Inclusive Policy Design.
  • Policy Dissecting and Analysis.
  • Entrenched Community Participation.
  • Comprehensive Implementation

Cooperate Social Innovations

We give greater relevance and direction to corporate social interventions through practical and innovative approaches that delivers maximum value to target communities and our partners.


  • Catalyze CSI Initiatives for Business Organizations.
  • Coordinate CSR interventions to deliver maximum value and impact.
  • Coordinate CSR initiatives with relative national and global development goals.

Community Development

We connect target local, underserved and unreached communities to sustainable solutions in:

  • Primary Healthcare.
  • Basic Educations.
  • Supports for Sustainable Livelihood.
  • Clean Drinking Water.
  • Environment (Solid Waste Recycling).
  • Renewable Energy (Off-the-grid and Island Communities are prioritized).



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We are a tax-deductible organization, working to support communities, combat extreme poverty, and promote citizenship, peace and national unity.