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We ignite the community hope of the "Unreached, Underserved and the VOICELESS".


Primary Healthcare

WE RESTORE! EQUIP! SUSTAIN! We help to improve access to sustainable medical support in underserved and unreached communities. We help to rebuild and equip dilapidated and under-equipped Primary Health Centers (PHCs) in local communities in Nigeria, and build new standard PHCs and health clinics where possible, in line with the national policy for “Minimum standards for Primary Healthcare in Nigeria” and the global best guidelines for the provision of quality primary healthcare services. This we deliver through strategic technical partnerships.

Basic Education

WE INSPIRE. ReINCORPORATE. SUSTAIN! Through initiatives such as “Access Education”, “Education Legacy”, and “The Future is Education”, we help to reinvigorate the interest of out of school children in education and encourage those in school to complete their basic education. We incorporate policy advocacy for “Digital and Talent Based Education”, giving each child the best education, that is most relevant to present day skill demands and global development strides. We prepare and equipped them better for their future.

Sustainable Livelihood

We help facilitate the process that drive the sustainable growth of local livelihood such Agriculture, artisanship, etc., by creating and improving access to market, access to enabling resources such trainings and financing, as well as helping create access to strategic networks for contineous learning and growth.

Need Based Initiatives

Water For Life

Water4Life aims to improve access to clean drinking water in local, underserved and unreached communities, through new and existing technological resource for sustainable water supply/recycling.

Project Earth

Project Earth is a Climate Action and Environmental Advocacy initiative that is targeted at promoting global consciousness and education on climate change in local communities, and promote environmental friendly approaches to solid waste management in densely populated local, underserved and unreached communities in Nigeria. Our environmental interest are innovative waste Plastic Recycling and Action against Tree Felling.


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