We're reliable because

across the nation, we penetrate seemingly difficult environments to deliver solutions to communities
that needs them the most.


We are The Mindset Transformation and Aid Organization; a Nigerian registered advocacy and community development nonprofit that is concerted towards raising a globally active and responsible citizenry, and creates channels through which local, underserved and unreached communities can access sustainable human capital and social development supports, to enable them eradicate extreme poverty, promote inclusive development and engender national prosperity, peace and unity.

We facilitate the process for the delivery of development solutions by converging new and existing government policies, related philanthropy priorities and technical outlines for attaining related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In working closely with the Legislature, we help with designing and deploying critical policies that will drive sustainable social and economic development for our target communities, foster citizenship confidence, promoting good governance, and deliver contributory impacts on common national development aspirations.


Our goal is to influence Africa’s growth by improving Nigeria’s Human Development Index (HDI) by 30% from 0.527 (UNDP Report 2016 & 2017) to 0.827, and eradicate extreme poverty by 45% in at least 45% of target communities in Nigeria, by December 31st, 2045.

Our Mission

To: Catalyze the inclusive development of all by channeling suitable and sustainable human and infrastructural development support to local, underserved and unreached communities in Nigeria, enhance citizenship participation, good governance and community building.

Our Core Values & Principles

TheMTAO Inc.’s Program focus include: Primary Healthcare, Basic Education, Sustainable Livelihoods, and Citizenship; and our jurisdictional priorities are: Local, underserved and unreached communities in Nigeria, and  Africa.


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