Our Journey



The novel corona virus (COVID19) has left a devastating impact on our world. Most impacted are indigent individuals and families whose survival and livelihood are dependent on what they earn daily. Now many have no means of livelihood, children are starving and economies are faced with most daunting challenges ever witnessed by man.


Over 80 million Nigerians live below the global poverty threshold of $1 per day and lack of equitable access to social infrastructure; thus, constitute the vulnerable majority.


Our goal is to equip our communities to enable them make vital decisions to protect themselves, their families and communities. 


Our action & response plan: 


  • Create a comprehensive community based public sensitization and communication.
  • Procure and distribute of relief materials for indigent individuals and families in local, underserved and unreached communities in Nigeria. This project target 130 individuals and households in the first phase.
  • Provide advisory support on mental health to help individuals and families manage the psychological impact of COVID19 and its adjourning prevention recommendations.

Current Projects


The Tomaro Primary Healthcare Project is aimed at providing quality medical services in Tomaro community, by constructing a medical facility that will serve it’s over 2,500 residents and create an environment where residents can access quality medical support without having to travel over the dangerous water waves for medical attention on the mainland, especially for pregnant and nursing mothers. This facility will also benefit other neighboring communities which are within 0.2 kilometers off each other,Tomaro Onisiwo is an island community which shares a border between Amuwo-Odofin Local Government and Eti-Osa Local Governments respectively, in Lagos, Nigeria.


SO’DOTI D’OWO is a community based waste management intervention that is designed to provide suitable and sustainable alternatives for solid waste management in local, underserved and unreached communities in Nigeria. It is innovative and effective, and empowers communities to take responsibility for their immediate environment and communities at large.


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