Current Projects



The world is over 500 billion+ tons of plastics drowned. By 2050, there is a most likely scenario that we will have more plastics in the ocean than fish. This is a catastrophe waiting to happen except humanity takes action. We are leading the way in our advocacy and community mobilization for action. You can partner with us to make our world better and safer for this and future generations.

Current Projects

Back To School PROJECT

The Back To School Project is aimed at providing support for five (5) schools in five (5) communities in Nigeria. The support includes renovation of classroom blocks, laboratories, provision of desks and chairs, books, and computers.


SO’DOTI D’OWO is a community-based waste management intervention that is designed to provide suitable and sustainable alternatives for solid waste management in local, underserved and unreached communities in Nigeria. It is innovative and effective and empowers communities to take responsibility for their immediate environment and communities at large.


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