Advocacy is the organization’s primary outreach tool.
Through it we connect with the core of
local communities and their needs
as well as all stakeholders for
comprehensive engagement and support.


People.  Power and Responsibility! We engage the government on new and existing policy(s) for community development, and orient the mindsets and character the citizenry towards common national development goals and in building an inclusive society. Through our advocacy we promote national unity, good governance and prosperity.

Youth Engaged™

Over 40% of Nigeria’s population is under the age of forty years old which represents Africa’s untapped goldmine. We empower youths with the right skill and competences needed for critical human capital development that will enable them build a sustainable future and be stewards of new Nigerian Dream.

Make One (1) For Yourself

Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country- President John F. Kennedy.

This statement elucidates the purpose of this advocacy program, which is aimed at educating, inspiring, and engaging the citizens to build the nation, society and community(s) of their desire, reducing the overdependence on governments for everything.

This also drives our engagement in coordinating all stakeholders towards a singular developmental goal and the SDGs.

Raise the Flag

This is a national flag raising initiative aimed at arousing the consciousness of citizens about the significance of our national emblems, especially handling of the national flag, and how it affects the perceptions and value of our citizenship.

The “Raise the Flag” initiative is also a call to action for increased respect for human rights and rights of citizens, and a call for improved welfare and provision of basic human development support. The way we treat our emblems, interprets how we see ourselves as citizens and human beings.